Best Amazon Gaming Mouse? Here’s The Top Pick And A Guide


If you have been thinking of buying a gaming mouse on Amazon and went to Amazon directly, chances are that you are at sixes and sevens. Right from which mouse is popular to which mouse is better for you, to which mouse your fellow gamers use – it all leads to confusion. Amazon has so many gaming mouse on their site that even with filters and searches, you are left confused. I have been in a similar situation and after spending a lot of time on Amazon, I know the way to find the best products. In this article, I will tell you how to find the best Amazon gaming mouse for you.

Here’s our top pick – 

With 2,844 customer reviews at the time of writing this post, averaging about 4.3/5 stars, it is no wonder that the ‘world’s most popular gaming mouse’ is the best Amazon gaming mouse.

Our pick for the best Amazon gaming mouse for Mac is listed later in the article.

How To Find The Best Amazon Gaming Mouse For You

  1. Know What Mouse You Are Looking For

a. Hot New Releases

New releases in gaming mice are the new mice that are getting popular pretty fast, and have better technology as compared to their predecessors. These include gaming mice from renown brands or new brands that you have probably already heard of and are worth trying.

Normally, these new releases appear in the PC Gaming section. When you go the Gaming Mice section, this is the first option. You can only see four mice at a time, but I was able to find a much better Amazon page where you can see all the featured new releases together, with 20 mice on one page! Here with a large number in front of you, you can see the ratings, prices and date first available at

You can find this Amazon page here.

For hot new Mac gaming mice releases.

b. Most wished for

These are the products that are most added in wishlists. People save these products because they have read about them and want to buy, but just not yet. Maybe they are waiting for price drops, or maybe they just want to remember. Maybe they have shortlisted a few products and these are among them. Maybe they share their wishlists with friends and family and want them to buy these mice as gifts. We are not wondering what purpose their wishlist serves, we just know that these gaming mice are watched by people, and so have a demand.

Again, there’s a special page for these products that isn’t easily accessible. This ‘most wished for’ gaming mice list can be found on Amazon here.

For Mac, here.

best amazon gaming mouse
Catalogue of gaming mice.

c. Most gifted

No, these mice are not gifted with state-of-the-art specifications and technology (although some of them are). They are the most likely choices that people consider when gifting a gaming mouse to a friend or a family member. They make good gift ideas for people who like gaming, and have a nice PC Gaming set up.

Most of these most gifted gaming mice have stylish design, and are good for games of multiple categories. These categories include MMO Gaming, FPS games like CS GO, Overwatch, and MOBA games like League of Legends. They also have hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of user reviews, since anyone looking to gift a gaming mouse is wont to check reviews taking in mind that the mouse should be liked by recipient.

These most gifted gaming mice can be found here.

Most gifted gaming mice for Mac

d. Top rated

This is my favorite section as here you can see all the gaming mice you have heard of. This is because they have high ratings. These high ratings correspond to a combination of performance, durability, user experience and ergonomics. Of course, ratings/reviews can be faked but you can always be a smart buyer and manually check reviews. And if you have already heard positive reviews about one of these mice elsewhere, why, you can’t be wrong with it.

The top rated gaming mice section has the best gaming mice of all top-rated brands. It includes flagships, and popular gaming mice. If ratings matter to you, you ought to go to this section on Amazon.

Top rated gaming mice for Mac on Amazon.

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e. Best-sellers

The last and the best, Best-selling Amazon Gaming mice. This is the section where Amazon showcases most popular gaming mice based on sales. This sales data isn’t that of a year or more, in which case a mouse which used to be popular but was bested by another will still show at the top. Amazon updates it hourly, so if you check the best-sellers at different times, you will see the real time results.

Amazon best-sellers are sorted into ranks by Amazon Sales Rank. The Amazon sales rank for gaming mice shows how well a mouse is selling relative to other mice in the same category. A mouse with sales rank number 1 is currently the best-selling mouse in that category. A mouse with sales rank number 2 is the second most-purchased product in that category, etc.

In the Amazon best-sellers section, you will see gaming mice of all prices, low and high. So if you have been thinking of a backup or secondary mouse, or one for casual gaming use, this is the best place to check your options. It has different brands featured too, so you won’t see as many Logitech and Razer mice as you would on other pages. This is your insight, in simple terms, in what other people are buying, and buying a lot.

Best-selling gaming mice on Amazon

Best selling Mac gaming mice on Amazon

For Mac, the best Amazon gaming mouse has to be the G502 Proteus Core.


Know What Type Of Gaming Mouse You Are Looking For

There are about 8853 gaming mice on Amazon (at the time of writing this post) and to further sort them into different categories, you have to know what type of Amazon gaming mouse you are looking for.

This is called the ‘Feature Keywords’ page where you are provided several categories of gaming mice to choose from. This page also provides the number of gaming mice of each of the following categories available.

  • Ergonomic 
  • Adjustable
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Precision
  • Programmable
  • Right-Handed
  • USB Port
  • 3 Button
  • Corded
  • Thumb
  • Ambidextrous

So if you are looking for an Amazon gaming mouse in one of these categories, go to this page and check, because it makes shopping easier as it filters out mice that you aren’t looking for.


Dots per inch (DPI) is the measure of a mouse’s sensitivity. Some gamers like their DPI to be high, some like low. Some like it in certain range.

Some good gaming mice have low DPI and better performance, so it is wrong to say a higher DPI means a better gaming mouse.

Logitech’s G402 Hyperion Fury, G502 Proteus Core and G302 Dedalus Prime, and BenQ’s Zowie Fk-1 have a DPI lower than 6,000.

Proteus Core has On-the-fly DPI. You can quickly switch through upto 5 settings, from 200 to 12,000 DPI.

Gaming mice having DPI higher than 6,000 includes a variety of mice and can be found here.

Featured Brands

If your previous mouse has been great for you and you are looking just for an upgrade, chances are that you will go for a gaming mouse of the same brand. Amazon has a page for this too, where you can have more than 50 brands to choose from.

This feature further helps as you have only the brand you are looking for.

This brand page has brands sorted in alphabetical order, from AMIR to YoLuke, BenQ to SteelSeries.

best amazon gaming mouse brands
List of Gaming Mice brands with number of products.

All these brands can be found here.


Often, Amazon discounts are too good to be true. You can check discounts on gaming mice, and if you find the gaming mouse you have shortlisted on this discount page, be sure to add it to your cart. These discounts are fleeting, and you don’t want to miss them.

The discounts sometimes give as much as more than 70 percent off on some gaming mice. And this is not Black Friday we are talking about. Every day there’s at least one mouse that has a discount.

There are four filters of discounts, and you can be sure to check them all. The first page has the most gaming mice, and the last naturally has the least.


Tight on budget? Worry not, there’s a gaming mice for every reasonable price on Amazon.

If your budget is less than 30$, you can opt for showing only mice having a price less than 30$.

If it is more than 30$, this page has all the mice above the 30$ price.

Why Amazon?

There’s nothing new I have written about here. You can find all these filters on Amazon if you dig enough, but with more than 8000 gaming mice, even the filters could have a lot of products in them to leave one confused. This would make finding the best Amazon gaming mouse difficult for anyone. But there is always the option of adding filters under filters, which makes the user experience much better. I have yet to find another site which is so shopping-friendly.

Amazon has always been my favorite online shop. I keep track of price drops on products I watch, which mostly include PC gaming components and electronics. My shopaholic appetite gets please more often than not, and this is because Amazon rolls out discounts or has products that I want.

What has been your experience with Amazon? Especially electronics and gaming products? Let me know in comments!