Best Gaming Mouse Guide – January 2018 Updated

For any gamer, picking the best gaming mouse isn’t something to be done in haste. There are hundreds of mice of different types available and they all have different features. But which one is the perfect gaming mouse for you? There’s a chance that your best friend likes a particular mouse and is almost obsessed with it, but you might not enjoy gaming on it. People’s opinions differ, and they should buy a mouse which best suits and fits them for an enhanced PC gaming experience.

What should you consider when buying the best PC gaming mouse?

You should check the following specifications.

best gaming mouse 2017

Shape and size

Are you left handed or right? Is your grip size big or small?  These are the questions you should consider because all the available mice shapes and sizes are not necessarily for you. Shape and size of your gaming mouse matter. You do not want your mouse not to co-operate you in a gun fight and cost you your life.

Sensor and buttons

A good gaming mouse must have a quality sensor, preferably an optical sensor (why optical?) with at least 1600 Dots Per Inch (DPI). DPI is a measure of the sensitivity of your mouse. The more sensitivity, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when your mouse moves. Hence a higher DPI means a stronger reaction to smaller movements. In some cases, however, a higher DPI isn’t good. For example, when playing a sniper game normally without a zoomed-in sniper rifle, the high DPI may be too sensitive.

For some games and gamers, buttons play a significant role in the gaming experience. It is recommended to have a gaming mouse having five or more buttons for games such as DotA2 and League of Legends.


Every gamer requires a different weight for their mouse. The weight of the mouse matters a lot when choosing the best gaming mouse for you.

We have done the hard work for you selecting the best bang for your buck gaming mouse of every category on this website. Along with recommended mice, the following gaming mice list features some best-selling mice. But that is not enough incentive for you to consider buying one of them, is it? We have handpicked a few, and written why you should buy them. We have also linked various posts and products for categories to further help you read about every category in detail.

Best Gaming Mouse 2017

best gaming mouse

Here we have created a table of the products we are going to feature in this post. The table is to help you distinguish one mouse specification from the next. You can come back here on the table for reference if you have made more than one choice.

To read about each mouse individually, you can skip the table.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core12,000Optical5.911
Logitech G7008,200Laser17.613
Zowie EC1-A3,200Optical3.25
Razer DeathAdder Chroma10,000Optical3.75
Zowie FK13,200Optical3.22
Redragon M901
Razer Naga


1. Logitech G502 Proteus Core


Logitech G502 features completely mechanical micro-switches for each button which is placed for an easy user experience and is within reach. The scroll wheel is one of the better specifications of this mouse. Both right and left tilt on the scroll wheel is very well implemented. It is precise and tight. The scroll wheel is made of metal and feels solid in your grip.

This mouse fits the hand with ease particularly because of its shape and the slightly extended lip that supports the thumb. The hardened rubber texture on both sides feels great to the touch. This mouse has adjustable weights, meaning you can arrange the weights in a variety of formations. This customizing helps you to make it extremely comfortable to use.


The customization that Logitech G502 Proteus Core offers also makes it one of the best choices for Mac lovers. This mouse is one of the top choices for a gaming mouse for Mac. This G502 is thus is our pick for being the best gaming mouse.

2. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

This mouse is a simple straight-up gaming mouse. The buttons and the scroll wheel are nice and not restricting. The DeathAdder Chroma uses Omron Switches having a very, very slight spring in them which just feels amazing. Furthermore, the side buttons are placed perfectly where your thumb rests. These side buttons are quite responsive.

DeathAdder Chroma uses an optical sensor. It’s very accurate with minimal stammer at both high and low levels.

The texturing of this gaming mouse is near perfect although slippery at first. Though the mouse is big compared to some others, it does not really feel big.


3. Logitech G700

The G700 is a right-handed ergonomic wireless gaming mouse with a slight curvature at the right-hand side to support the ring and the little finger. It also has a thumb rest. The weight of the mouse is about 152g (with batteries) which can make you strain a little bit. When wired and without batteries, it is lighter.

The G700 features a laser sensor that has inherent acceleration which can be a bit troubling while playing FPS games. Regarding the scroll wheel, it is one of the best builds of this mouse. The scroll steps are small yet well defined. The added rubber texture on the scroll wheel makes it all the better.

The left and right mouse buttons are soft. It has 13 programmable buttons.


For casual gaming, this is the best gaming mouse.

4. Redragon M901

Redragon M901 PERDITION 16400 DPI High-Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse (Black) has five programmable profiles. It has completely customizable settings ranging from LED color, a huge DPI range, and 18 programmable buttons including any number of macro/command prompt possibilities.

It has an amazing texture that helps for an excellent grip and has 12 side buttons with an easily distinguished layout. This way you can tell which button is which without looking. The removable weights for balance customization are a plus point – you can modify the mouse for your comfort.


MMO gamers highly recommend this laser sensor gaming mouse.

5. Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse (FK1)

This Zowie gaming mouse is an ambidextrous and sturdy professional mouse. The texture all over the mouse feels good. The FK1 uses Huano switches which make the clicks a little bit heavy to press.

Zowie mice have no software, and the FK1 complies with it. As a result, there are few DPI options. The good thing, however, is that you do not have to rely on software that might crash or drain your memory.

The scroll wheel is a 24 notch scroll wheel which is light and works beautifully. The cord is rubber-made. It is flexible and also thinner than older versions of Zowie mice and has a claw grip usage.


6. Razer Naga 2014

Razer Naga 2014 Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse – Black (RZ01-01040100-R3U1) has a mechanical thumb grid which is good for gamers because of their responsiveness. The coating is a bit coarse and is designed for those whose hands sweat a lot.

The mouse comes with the standard Razer Synapse software which needs to be updated now and then. It also has an in-game MMO configurator. This MMO configurator is a small software interface that can quickly adjust your key binds mid-game without having to stop for the Razer software menu.


7. Zowie Gear Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse (EC1-A)

EC1-A is a driverless mouse. The DPI can be customized. This mouse handles low sensitivity pretty well. In addition, click accuracy is a plus point. The mouse is best for those gamers who have a full palm grip.

The surface texture of EC1-A can be a bit slippery, particularly for gamers having a claw grip. This is because the texture is smooth and made of hard plastic that looks in between glossy and matte.

This model is somewhat similar to Razer DeathAdder. Zowie EC1-A is a perfect mouse for gamers with large hands.


Finding The Best Gaming Mouse By Category

This gaming mouse guide is for the readers to buy products with ease. For the best result, we recommend going through various categories.

Some categories are

  • Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Looking for a cordless and wire-free best gaming mouse? Gaming can get really easier when there are no wires to hinder free hand movements. Fortunately, this category has many mice in it as many people around the world prefer wireless gaming mice.

  • Gaming Mouse for FPS

    For First-person shooter (FPS) games where you are the protagonist, you need a mouse that gets along well with your reflexes. Having a gaming mouse that you can rely on without getting killed is a must, and some gaming mice have been in the market excelling in this genre. The said mice are for FPS games such as Battlefield, Overwatch, Doom etc.

  • Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

    Ergonomic mice are designed for optimum user experience. The mice, along with comfort, strive to provide maximum efficiency. Ergonomic gaming mice have an ever growing fanbase because gaming with optimum comfort is a priority of many.

  • Gaming Mouse For Mac

    For Mac OS users, the gaming mice have to be compatible with the Mac operating system. While the Mac OS isn’t a popular operating system for gaming, Mac lovers have many gaming mice to choose from, and some of these mice are top rated on Amazon.

  • Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

    While most gaming mice are conventionally made for right-handed users, there are many ambidextrous gaming mice in the market to cater to the needs of left-handed people and those who like to try both hands. Ambidextrous gaming mice are designed to be used by left-handed and right-handed people with an equal level of ease.

  • Gaming Mouse By Brands

    Is there only one brand or two that you trust, or just a few you would go for over gaming mice of other brands. Yes, brands matter and brands differ. What distinguishes them from other brands is the trust they gain and the service and products they provide. The major and best gaming mouse brands are Logitech, Razer, BenQ, Corsair, Steelseries. Often, two mice of different brands have the same specifications. So it is absolutely important to set apart the brands you trust from other brands when you are buying a gaming mouse.

    Razer Naga series has the best gaming mice for MMO/MOBA gaming. Here’s 8 reasons why you should buy a Razer Naga gaming mouse.

  • Gaming Mouse For Games Of Your Choice

    Is there that one game that you play more than others? Some mice are found to perform especially well for particular games. If your gaming time is limited to only one or two games, you should check these mice. Many of them have already featured in other categories, but a few have not and they are worth having a look at.

  • Gaming Mouse By Grip

    Do you have this grip you would prefer for gaming, regardless of what mouse you use? Good news, some best gaming mouse brands manufacture gaming mice taking into account various grips! Some of the most common grips are

  • Palm Grip

    The most popular grip type has to be palm grip. More than half of the gamers and PC users have palm grips. The reason this particular grip is famous is the natural comfort it offers for resting your hand on the mouse having all contact points in reach. It is also great for support because of the surface area your palm covers on the mouse.

  • Claw Grip

    Claw grip is highly favored for MOBA games, but it finds its use in RTS and FPS games as well. It is a grip that is more relaxed than palm grip. If you like to use both your arm and wrist while gaming, this grip is ideal for you.

  • Finger Tip Grip

    Do you use only your fingertips to grasp the mouse and control it? It is just basically what a fingertip grip is. This grip is not as relaxed as claw grip or palm grip, but it is great to use if you do not have to make much use of your wrist in a game.

Some gamers prefer different grips for different games or a mix of either two of the three. It all comes down to the grip that feels most natural and comfortable. Thus hand grip plays an important role when looking for the best gaming mouse of your choice.

Other things to consider when choosing a gaming mouse –

Gaming Mouse Pads and Mats

best gaming mouse pads

Unless your desk happens to be a great mousing surface, gaming mouse pads also define your gaming mouse accuracy.

Mouse pads are of two types –

Soft gaming mouse pads have high friction. They are best recommended for high sensitivity gamers who need to be able to stop their mice quickly. These help you to get rid of wrist-ache (if any). Their disadvantage is that they may force your gaming mouse to move slower.

Hard gaming mouse pads have extremely low friction. They are hence best for low sensitivity gamers who often swoop their mice across their pads. Their downside is that they may hurt your wrist because of long sessions of gaming. Finally, such pads also decrease your mouse precision.

Gaming Mouse Acceleration

If your mouse has mouse acceleration, the distance your mouse cursor moves on the monitor also depends on how fast you move your mouse. If you move your mouse one inch very slowly your cursor will only move 0.8 inches on screen, and if you move your mouse one inch but very quickly your cursor will move 8 inches on screen. By using proper mouse settings and leaving mouse acceleration disabled you can hit any pixel on the screen near instantaneously. Your physical dexterity will only limit it.

Mouse acceleration is usually considered bad for gaming. In the absence of any mouse acceleration your gaming mouse cursor will move an exact distance for every inch, you move your mouse. This consistency is a key factor in gaming.

  • Mouse acceleration limits the speed you can make precise movements with.
  • In addition, you have to take care to move the mouse below a certain speed limit to have a perfect pixel accuracy.

Hence, some gamers suggest an acceleration-free experience.

While this extensive gaming mouse guide fails to list many gaming mice, it is because there are just too many products out there to be the best gaming mouse for someone. The guide links the posts relevant to each category. The gaming mouse categories are diverse and while some have a big user base, some do not. It always helps if you have the required specifications known to you.

MyGamingMouse makes use of comparison tables to help you compare different gaming mice and choose the best one for you accordingly.

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