Best Gaming Mouse For FPS – Which is the best of these 5? (Jan 2018)


When it comes to a professional gaming experience, finding the best gaming mouse for FPS games can be a little bit tough. There’s a ton of variety out there. Plenty of competition has the quality, accuracy, and comfort in their mice to earn a spot on someone’s desk. This can make it a little bit harder to find the perfect fit, but the following mice are probably the safest pick for the best FPS mouse out there. While there’s tons of competition and it’s hard to bring the list to just a few picks, these are easily some of the most effective gaming mice out there for improving your performance and enriching your gaming experience.

best gaming mouse for fps
First-Person Shooter(FPS Game)

Best Gaming Mouse For FPS Games

The Razer Mamba Professional Grade Chroma

The first title is one that is known to many. The Razer Mamba Professional Grade Chroma is easily one of the top picks out there for FPS games. For most gamers, this is probably the best FPS gaming mouse dollar for dollar. This is because it is extremely precise and very straightforward. Many modern gaming mice tend to add more buttons than necessary. However, the fact is that most FPS games are not highly dependent on extra buttons. The buttons find a lot of use in MOBA games like League of Legends instead. What matters most is the comfort of clicks, the accuracy of the mouse and all of the features needed to push the mouse over the edge. This is what the Razer Mamba Professional Grade Chroma delivers. This gaming mouse for FPS games has an accuracy cut-off of 0.1 MM. This means that the mouse can almost flawlessly track your motion. It gives you a new level of control over your games.

One of the most important features of this mouse is that it uses Razer’s “Click Force” technology. The Click Force technology allows you to adjust the feel and responsiveness of the clicks of your mouse. Whatever button feels best for you is the button you will be setting your Mamba Pro Grade Chroma to, and that allows for perfect comfort along with the already-ergonomic design of the mouse. This makes the Razer Mamba Chroma Gaming Mouse have that perfect feeling every time. Having comfortable clicks under the finger is one of the most important aspects of fluid gameplay in an FPS. For this reason alone this might be the best gaming mouse for FPS out there.

What’s more is that this mouse comes with industry defining wired or wireless technology, meaning that you can recharge your batteries and play wirelessly or plug the mouse in and play directly from a wired line. Cool, right?

Razer is also known for it’s Naga series for MMO/MOBA games.

Razer Mamba Chroma Tournament Edition Review

For professional gamers out there, there is Razer Mamba Chroma Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse. The Razer Mamba Chroma Tournament Edition is basically the same as its standard edition, that is, the pro grade chroma reviewed above. The name tournament edition is to set it apart from the standard one. It has the DPI switches in the middle.

The Mamba Tournament Edition has the DPI switches in the middle and is mainly for a professional gaming experience. Professional gamers use it.

You can check out the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition on here.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core

This is not the first when the Proteus Core has been listed under the best gaming mouse category on

When it comes to true customization, the Logitech G502 is a strong contender for the best gaming mouse for FPS. The Logitech 502 uses 2 key, roundabout ways to improve accuracy and function that most other gaming mouse competitors simply have no answer for. The G502 lets players customize both the weight of the mouse and the way it understands the surface that players are using. If you’re wishing you could control the weight of your mouse a little better, this gaming mouse is absolutely the best FPS mouse for you.

The relationship between the texture of the mouse surface and the speed and accuracy of a mouse has been widely known for decades. If a mouse is on a textured surface or one that has a strange reflection or refraction pattern, it can interfere with the communication of the mouse. This tends to be why most mousepads always aim for a uniform texture with specific materials in mind. Low friction is important, but friction is just one element of the motion of the mouse. Tracking, or the laser-to-surface relationship, is probably just as important as speed in most cases. If a mouse tracks improperly, there’s a serious problem going on. However, the 502 has a precision calibration system that allows it to better and more accurately track motions along a variety of surfaces.

The scroll wheel on this FPS Gaming Mouse is fantastic and the custom buttons are definitely worthwhile. There are DPI shifting and downshifting options. It means that for slow, precise motions, you’ll always be able to drop the DPI for more accuracy. When speed counts more, you can switch all the way up to 12,000 DPI. All this means that the Logitech 502 Proteus Core should be one of your considerations for the title of the best mouse for FPS games.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The G502 also comes in another edition – the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse.

It is a special G502 mouse for FPS games. Hands down, this could easily be the best gaming mouse for FPS. If you have been thinking about upgrading to a new mouse, try this one before any other mouse. Here’s what makes the Proteus Spectrum great –

It instantly fits your hand like a glove. It is heavier than most gaming mice, and probably heavier than your current mouse. But the extra weight takes an adjustment period, and you can play competitive fps games just fine even at 400 DPI.

best gaming mouse for fps
In my opinion the best gaming mouse for FPS games – Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Proteus Spectrum has infinite scroll and is best for those with claw grip. It has more buttons than the Razer DeathAdder Chroma which you can use to map a lot of keys to.

While some believe that the only difference between the Proteus Core and Proteus Spectrum is the RGB, that is not completely the case. There is actually a few differences besides the RGB. The lip on the left side of the mouse is black, so it blends in better. The Proteus Core has blue lip. Moreover, the cable on the spectrum is significantly better, which comes in handy for heavy FPS gaming.

See all buying options here on Amazon.

The SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Optical Gaming Mouse

When it comes to mice that aren’t flashy, SteelSeries is one of the most reputable gaming mouse brands. It delivers performance and power from a mouse that could almost be confused with a standard, casual PC mouse. However, judging this book by its cover would be a huge mistake. While the Kinzu v2 might not look all that incredible at a glance, the hardware on this gaming mouse is industry-recognized as one of the best options available. All of the parts selected in this mouse are tournament grade, and from that perspective alone, it’s a tempting pick for professional players. FPS Gamers recommend this mouse for CS 1.6 and CS GO.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse specially for CS GO, check these top CS GO gaming mice recommendations.

best gaming mouse for fps games like cs go

The settings on this mouse in terms of accuracy and performance are immaculate. Everything that you need to aim, shoot and reposition yourself effectively is perfectly calibrated in the v2. The mouse also comes with a customizable toggle button that allows you to switch settings between two pre-defined styles, meaning you can use a single button to instantly adjust your mouse’s sensitivity for those high-pressure situations where accuracy and speed are absolutely crucial. Accuracy and speed are major factors to consider when looking for the best gaming mouse for FPS games.

The Kinzu v2 Gaming Mouse is shaped perfectly for maximum reach and long-term comfort. The rounded style is generally considered better for long-term games because it offers comfort at the expense of a little more material in the way. The SteelSeries layout means that the hands and fingers are kept in a comfortable position over time that bridges the gap between rounded comfort and sleek accuracy. Also, what is nice to mention is that the wire on these is tangle-resistant, and that’s ultimately a huge advantage if you’re traveling or playing with a lot of big motions. Tangled cords are the most vulnerable part of the hardware outside of those players that throw their mouse when they’re angry. You know who I’m talking about.

This gaming mouse also comes with a pro-edition. You can check the SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition Mouse here.

If you are a hardcore Counter Strike fan, seriously, buy Steelseries Kinzu v2 if you cannot decide on one mouse.

So that’s our list of the top 3 best gaming mouse for fps options out there right now. While it’s always possible that another company starts offering a very serious competitor, it’s hard to compete with the quality of these ones listed. Other brands are still trying to catch up to what Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries know about these products, so seeing a contender for these anytime soon is unlikely.