4 Best Gaming Mouse For League Of Legends – January 2018


There’s quite a bit of competition looking to claim the title of the best gaming mouse for league of legends. Between brands, it’s hard to decide exactly which mouse is the top pick, as budgets, brands and preferences make all the difference. However, with all of that said, there are a few clear standouts that everyone should be informed of before making their final purchase.

Best Gaming Mouse For League of Legends

The Razer Naga Hex

best gaming mouse for league of legends

The Razer Naga Hex is the industry standard for a high-powered Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) gaming mouse. It easily is one of the most revolutionary gaming mice that’s been released, and it opened the doors for tech companies to start looking at the specific concerns of MOBA players. These feature fantastic DPI settings – up to 16,000 – for maximum movement control. They span from slow-and-steady motion to an effortless ability to scan the screen with even the slightest slides of the mouse. These often have been noted for having the best League of Legends gaming mouse review, so they’re easily the top pick of the bunch. These are designed to fit the human hand as perfectly as possible, and all of the buttons feature intensive tactile motion that gives you a sense of confirmation when you press them. As a result, professional gamers tend to use this mouse.

The Razer Naga Hex is a beautiful, comfortable and powerful fit, and most gamers can’t go wrong with one of these gaming mice in their arsenal. It is extremely fairly priced and outperforms competitors that cost three times the price. The 7 extra buttons are all heavily programmable, and this allows for maximum personalization and function during gameplay. That translates to more wins, better moments and premium performance. Generally speaking, this tends to be rated as the best gaming mouse for League of Legends.

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse – 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy One Too

The Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 is the number one competitor of the Razer Naga Hex. While there are lots of other smaller brands that offer cheap knock-offs, the closest thing to an authentic Naga is the G600. It has a very similar function and layout, and it is also extremely comfortable. The DPI settings on the G600 are a bit lower than the max DPI of a Razer Naga, but very few people utilize the absolute maximum settings anyways. These also have the added bonus of coming in white or black, while the Naga only comes in limited edition custom colors with a programmable light-display (that’s admittedly 16.8 million colors). This is definitely the second best gaming mouse to play League of Legends with, and many people might even prefer this as their number-one pick.

The big reason that so many people prefer the G600 is that this one features a “G-Shift” button that immediately switches the profile of the button assignments, and the G-Shift button is very comfortable. This means that the 12 programmable buttons changes to a  second tier of choices, effectively doubling the amount of buttons available. This is probably the number one reason that people would pick the Logitech G600 over the Naga. If having that extra profile of buttons available on the mouse is your preference, then this is far and away the best gaming mouse for League of Legends.

Gamers also prefer this Logitech gaming mouse for FPS games such as CS:GO.

The Corsair SCIMITAR

Do you need a gaming mouse for League of Legends that’s functional, well-equipped and simple? The Corsair SCIMITAR is very similar to the G600 and Naga, but it’s got a smaller profile, better grip and buttons that require a bit more effort to push. This is ideal for people who put a lot of muscle into their button presses and want to hear the button click down as they press it. These feature excellent grip and DPI settings up to 12,000, and they are functionally very similar to the Naga. However, the primary reason that the Corsair does not receive the top spot is that the buck stops there, and most features can equally be seen as problems. The controller size and shape can be too small and compact for some, and the G600 ultimately is more functional because of the G-Shift button.

The Naga is more physically comfortable and offers better DPI settings, so it’s hard to justify the Corsair over the other two. With that said, this is still an excellent quality mouse. It offers the same 12-button layout as most other gaming mice, and one of the best parts of this one is the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is extremely responsive, it feels great and it will last longer than the rest of the mouse. If Corsair releases a model with a bit more function and a more comfortable feel, it could easily take the top spot in the list. For now though, the competition with the Naga and G600 are just too high for the Corsair to overcome. Though this is a strong competitor, it’s definitely not exactly the best gaming mouse for League of Legends.

The Razer Mamba Wireless

The best wireless gaming mouse for League of Legends is most likely the Razer Mamba. These are some of the most functional, smoothest wireless gaming mice that money can buy, and they are extremely well-equipped. These feature extremely smooth tracking and virtually identical response times of wired gaming mice without the hassle of having a wire to deal with. Everyone that’s put a little bit of time behind the screen knows the feeling of losing a game because the mouse got in the way, and these are probably the most premium choices available for avoiding that situation. While these don’t feature anywhere near as many buttons as the above options, this is still ideal for people that prefer to keep their controls on the keyboard or use another mouse specifically for key-bindings.

Having a premium grade wireless mouse available is highly recommended for anyone that’s grown weary of the long cord associated with gaming mice that can interfere with comfort and performance. These have an excellent feel, top-of-the-line performance specs and come with their own recharging station, meaning no more trips to the discount store for batteries.

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And that’s the list of the top four picks out there. While we stick by the Naga Hex as the highest-rated pick, the other mice are all equally viable picks depending on your preferences, of course.

If you’re looking for more buttons, go for the G600.

If you’re looking for a wireless performer to go hand-in-hand with a second mouse, then go for the Mamba wireless.

If you’ve got a smaller hand and a penchant for clicking buttons, go for the Corsair.

Which do you think is the best gaming mouse for League of Legends? Be sure to let us know!


  1. Hey, thanks for the guide. I was confused between Razer Naga Hex and the Logitech G600. I own the Razer Mamba Wireless one and it works smooth, but I found that it didn’t really work well for MOBA games because of limited programmable buttons. The buttons are a must for LoL and DotA2.

    I made the choice of buying the Naga Hex and I am expecting it today. It would really help if you mentioned specifications of each of these mouse and a table like the one on the big post, haha. Just my two cents. Cheers, Hemmie