5 Best Gaming Mice For Mac – January 2018


For any Mac user who loves gaming, the mouse that comes with the laptop/computer isn’t really one built for gaming. It is the default mouse, and unless your mac happens to be a gaming mac, this mouse is designed for general use. It might hinder a good gaming experience, and sometimes for high accuracy games, it becomes necessary to get a gaming mouse. In this post, we will review the specifications of our top picks. Each of these following mice are especially compatible for Mac operating system and any one can be the best gaming mouse for mac you will ever use. There are only slight differences in their specifications, but in the field of game, these matter.

Best Gaming Mouse Brands List
Mac Book Air

Mac is a high-performance operating system as we know from Apple’s plethora of devices. The durability is another specification that many love in Mac. But for a gaming PC rig or a Mac laptop such as Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, you should use a gaming mouse that works smoothly with Mac OS.

A mouse helps you aim, target, slash, attack amongst other action when gaming on a PC. A gaming mouse offers you reliable connectivity, smooth and responsive tracking and basic click and scroll-functions. But it takes more than basic functionality to make a good gaming mouse for Mac.

Below are 5 gaming mice, covering a bit of everything you need to know to make the best possible choice for your gaming mouse for Mac.

Best Gaming Mouse For Mac

1- Logitech G502 Proteus Core Mouse

The Logitech G502 is regarded as one of the most accurate and best gaming mice for Macs. It comes with Mac specific functions like Launchpad, dashboard, spotlight and much more. It is perfect for gamers because it offers few key features that both media users and gamers can relish.

Key Features:

  • The accurate responsive optical sensor offers you control like you’re in the game.
  • It offers balance and weight at your control. The five 3.6g weights enable the tailoring of the mouse according to your preferences.
  • Adjustable RGB lighten lets you select from up to 16.8 million colors to match your style, system or environment.
  • 11 programmable buttons.
  • DPI shift in-game.
  • Dual-mode, gaming-grade scroll wheel amongst others.                                                                 

Logitech has designed Mac compatible software alongside the G502, so you’ll be able to custom tune your Proteus Core to your liking. With the Logitech G502 Proteus Core mouse, the customizing possibility is a plus point for all gamers. It enables you to tune the gaming mouse to your liking 

2- Kensington Slim Blade Track Ball

This is the best trackball mouse for gaming.

The entire range of Kensington is Mac-compatible. The Slim Blade has got four buttons that are very comfortable and easy to use and can be programmed to perform different tasks. With a track-ball you don’t need to grip and move it around the desk so much. The large 55mm ball is accurately tracked on both the X and Y axis, giving you better cursor control that requires less hand and wrist movement during long gaming sessions. Furthermore, it comes with a free downloadable software that provides an even more personalized experience. This software gives you the ability to assign a wide variety of program functions to each of the four buttons. It also helps in adjusting cursor and scrolling speed. These specifications make it a top-rated gaming mouse for Mac because it is precise and accurate coupled with its slim, low-profile shape that is perfect for either right-hander or left-handers.

3- Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Wireless Gaming Mouse:

This definitely isn’t the best budget gaming mouse for Mac but it ranks high on the list of preferred mice. Although it feels a bit hefty, it’s really sturdy. Moreover, it is built to hold its own weight when it comes to a long gaming session. The Ouroboros from Razer is highly precise. You can calibrate it for maximum sensitivity on specific surfaces. And it even has its own computer processor inside to ensure fast responses for latest action games.

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Key Features:                                                                  

  • It comes with a fully customizable ambidextrous ergonomics with an adjustable arched palm rest and back, which allows it fit any and every hand.
  • Dual sensor system (Which sensor is better?)
  • IMS gaming-grade wireless technology that allows it perform well both as cordless and with cords.

4- Evoluent Vertical Mouse

This works just like an ordinary mouse but it has its buttons and scroll wheel on the side rather than on the top. These enable you rest your arm and wrist on the desk in a more natural way. You can thus apply a slight pressure with your fingers in order to press the buttons. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse includes the Mac OS X driver for programming 6 buttons, which makes it one of the best gaming mouse for Mac OS X.                                                          

Key features:

  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Adjustable optical sensor.
  • Improved thumb buttons.

5- Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse:

This is a wireless gaming mouse for Mac. The Logitech MX Master is a great contender for the easiest and comfortable gaming mice you would ever use on your Mac. It is accurate, brilliantly designed and makes gaming a delight more than ever before. The MX Master relies on Bluetooth or plug-in unifying receiver bundle with the mouse. Also, according to Logitech, the MX master lasts about 40 days on a full battery charged and only requires 4 minutes of charging to get a day’s worth of use.                                                                                       

Key Features:

  • Easy connection for multiple computers.
  • Unique thumb wheel.
  • Track virtually anywhere.
  • Advanced power management.

Gestures play a major role in day-to-day activities of an OS X user, because gestures are used for activating mission control, navigating timelines and virtually every other thing. This makes the MX Master take its place among the best gaming mice for mac. It comes with a dedicated gesture button that’s accessible via the thumb rest on the left-side of the mouse.

If you have a mouse with extra functions and buttons, you can be 100% sure they’ll work great on your Mac. Mac OS  support really depends on whether the device vendor has ported support and the above gaming mice have been made Mac-compatible for gamers, giving them the opportunity to enjoy gaming on their Mac just like any other gamer out there.

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  1. I own a Mac Book Pro and at times I needed a mouse, it didn’t have to be a gaming mouse but I went for one because gaming mice work better for high-end work, and I have to do a lot of designing and stuff. It was one of the main reasons I opted for the Mac Book Pro in the first place.

    The Proteus Core is hands down the best. I bought it, and it was an affordable gaming mouse I guess. Also, the reviews were good. I will definitely recommend it if you need a good gaming mouse for Mac Book Pro.