5 Top Rated Gaming Mouse – Which One To Buy? (January 2018)


top rated gaming mouse

While buying a gaming mouse, each one person is looking for a different specification. It could be either the sensor, or the brand. It could be anything, some gamers even look for a mouse for a particular game such as League of Legends. One such factor in the consideration of gamers is the rating. A 5 star rating means a mouse works really great for different users, a 2 star rating means that it is not worth consideration. A top rated gaming mouse having many reviews most likely means it is one of the best-selling ones.

Why To Buy A Top Rated Gaming Mouse

As mentioned above, a top rated gaming mouse on online stores like Amazon is trusted and liked by many people. Naturally, more and more people will buy it and rate it well if it meets their expectations, or hopefully, surpasses it. Any top rated product is less likely to have many flaws and this is why you should consider buying a top-rated mouse.

When it comes to top rated gaming mouse – we’re spoiled for choice, aren’t we? It doesn’t matter what you play – first person shooters (FPS), massively multiplayer online (MMO) or real-time strategy (RTO) games – there is always a mouse that could fit your hand and your needs, all together in one. That’s the deal we’re committed to finding for you. So, let’s start!

But wait. Have you already bought a mouse and are wondering if it is good enough?

How to check if your top-rated mouse is as good as advertised?

First, plug your mouse into the gaming rig. Check how difficult it is to set it up, install the adjoining software, only if it has any. Do not knock you neighbour’s door looking for it, if it isn’t in the box, probably it doesn’t exist. And, that’s a good thing.

Second, create multiple profiles and assign button commands. For some, tweak the mouse lighting options and play around with the DPI sensitivity setting. If you do not know – DPI is dots-per-inch, duh!

Third, at least run the mouse through the top three games you have, preferably of different genres, to essentially evaluate the excel points and drawbacks.

Fourth, give it some days before you make any judgments. Maybe that little mouse is taking its time to settle in accordance with your needs – Maybe.

Lastly, evaluate and pass the judgment.  

Now you know how to check if I am not fooling you, don’t you? So, let’s quickly get to our top suggestions of a gaming mouse.

Top Rated Gaming Mouse 2017


It’s a symbol of perfection and shatters all the myths about a wireless gaming mouse.  Look at the picture, the G900 comes with a stunningly beautiful sports design. Isn’t it lovely? And, the good news is – that 10/10 rating is not for its looks, it’s for the whole package. Logitech has also put on the swappable magnetic buttons for a black spacer.

G900 is fast, reliable and most importantly, shockingly responsive. For the better part of the day – it smirks on the wired gaming mice. 

It has customizable thumb buttons – and an ambidextrous ergonomic grip that suits for both claw and palm players. It’s a perfect tool for professional competitive players who carry their setting along with them; with its Logitech Gaming Software, it’s capable of automatically creating profiles for hundreds of games. Of course, you can program it as well – the limit goes up to five onboard profiles.

In short, it’s comfortable and sexy and worth every penny.


With its textured grip and comfortable hexagonal shape, G502 Proteus Spectrum stands out as the best all-purpose gaming mouse. It’s an upgradation to its predecessor G502 Proteus Core. It has 11 big programmable buttons in a pretty convenient layout. Logitech’s Delta Zero tech makes surface-turnable gaming sensor a smooth trick. It feels great in hand and promises to dazzle you with its stellar performance. It definitely claims its tag of the best over-all gaming mouse on the market today.


As like the other top rated mice in the list, it doesn’t limit itself to a single genre, rather it handles all; FPS, MMO, RTS and everything in between with the same grace.

It comes with an adjustable weight which could be set with its scroll wheel, and feel either frictionless or resistant as per the setting.

The Logitech gaming software automatically scans your computer for games and creates profiles to fit them. With all that, there is a logo that lights up to 16.8 million colors using RGB backlighting. There you have one tech stuffed attractive gaming mouse.

Have you considered buying the G502 Proteus Core?
You have probably heard of the Logitech G502 Proteus Core by now. It is the most popular and most liked gaming mouse.

It has been the favorite of many for some time now and there is a strong reason for it. For example, check its rating on Amazon.

top rated gaming mouse 2017

top rated gaming mouse

As it has got so many sales and it has maintained a 4.5 rating, it is probably the best gaming mouse for 2017.

It gets placed in many product lists on MyGamingMouse and is an all-rounder.



With its comfortable MMO optimized design – It has a great wireless range and functionality. Games like World of Warcraft which specifically comes under the MMO mouse heap, where you have a long stretch of skills across your monitor, where you’ll require all the skills at the cost of a click, that’s where the Naga Epic Chroma comes in with its multiple numbers of keys at the side of your thumb. With it, you can shift between key-maps to give yourself access to almost 100 buttons with just a few clicks.


It works seamlessly both in wireless and wired mode, with its wireless functionality extending up to extends up to 10 feet. It also plays with the multiple colorful lightning ideal for multiple profiles.

It uses Razer synapse 2.0 software – that lets you choose your colour scheme and even syncs the scheme with the Chroma keyboard. Isn’t that what gamers die for?

Do you game on a Mac?
Check the top rated gaming mouse for Mac here!


Vengeance M65 is the top rated fps gaming mouse. It is dedicatedly designed for FPS games. And, it doesn’t need 10s of buttons to claim that tag. It provides a comfortable and precise experience for FPS games and satisfies its fans in every corner. M65 has eight programmable buttons and comes with a sporty look. It has a discrete X- and Y-axis DPI which lets you set individual DPI levels for horizontal and vertical movements.

With its intelligent FPS functionality, one of its buttons directly takes you to the sniper mode and lowers down the DPI so you could focus and aim more accurately.


Users can customize the three adjustable weights and switch between three DPI settings on the flier.

This top rated FPS mouse comes with deeply customizable profile software and could also work as a great generalist mouse with some twitches.

Looking for a wireless gaming mouse?
Check the top rated wireless gaming mice here!


After the best MMO and FPS mouse, here comes the top rated RTS gaming mouse on the list. Deathadder Elite, first thing first, what a name for a gaming mouse! It’s not a secret that the Deathadder Elite is the best choice for RTS gamers.

It has an ergonomic profile and enough buttons to keep the users interested to keep things running with complete volume. It has a 99.4 percent of resolution accuracy and a tracking speed of 450 inches per second. It’s a soothing fact that Razer’s aesthetic choices have started to look understated.


It comes with the synapse, Razor software suite, to handle lightning profiles and handle customization. And, since it’s could based – your settings are safe in case you switch your system.

Undoubtedly, it’s totally worth your money. With its minimalist gaming design it continues the tradition of good-old-full-fledged gaming mouse in a clean package.

Need to respond quickly and precisely? You have to look no further – Deathadder is for you to complete all your modest gaming needs.

Still not satisfied?
We know how perplexing it is sometimes to decide on one product out of many. Particularly when most of them have the same specifications and price. But guess what? We have found for you an Amazon page where you can browse through Amazon’s many top rated gaming mice at once. Ofcourse, all of the mice we listed are going to be repeated when you browse through these products, but we recommend going through it if you weren’t able to decide one out of these six.

Take me to this Amazon page now!


Above, we have mentioned the top-rated gaming mouse of 2017 and 2017 has just started. No doubt, this year will keep us on our toes with the latest technology hitting us every now and then.

Isn’t GAMDIAS is launching its new mice series – Zeus P1, M1 and E1?

2017 will definitely keep us interested with bold mice, but if you have to buy something reliable, and long lasting, something you could trust with your gaming experience, now – scroll up!